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Buying Ollas in The Pacific Northwest

Plug and Play Gardens is now selling two different sized Ollas (manufactured by Dripping Springs Ollas)

  • 2-Gallon Ollas for $40 each
  • 1-Quart Ollas for $24 each

If you are interested in getting a discount, you should consider buying more than one Olla. If you buy 4 or more Ollas, you’ll get the volume discount price. Just to recap, here are the volume prices in table form.

Olla Pricing (2016-2017 Season)

The Number of Ollas Price per Olla
(Multiply the number of Ollas in your order by this price.)
1 to 3 2-Gallon Ollas $40.00
4 or more 2-Gallon Ollas $36.00
10 or more 2-Gallon Ollas $34.00
20 or more 2-Gallon Ollas $32.00
1 to 3 1-Quart Ollas $24.00
4 or more 1-Quart Ollas $22.00
10 or more 1-Quart Ollas $21.00
20 or more 1-Quart Ollas $19.00


You can pay for your Ollas when you pick them up, just like buying them in a store (although you’ll actually be coming to my home garden to get them). Here’s the pickup location:

Plug and Play Gardens, LLC
1908 SE 45th Avenue, Portland Oregon

You can give me a call with any questions. The number is 503-752-8450, please call during normal business hours, which are Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. When we speak we can confirm:

  • An appointment time. I’m usually around, but will make sure I’m here if I know you’re coming.
  • I have inventory on hand.

Contact Plug and Play Gardens (ask for Luisa) to arrange payment and pickup.