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New 1-Quart Ollas are Perfect for Potted Plants

New 1-Quart Ollas are Perfect for Potted Plants

Good news! Dripping Springs Ollas has just announced a brand new product. They will now be manufacturing Ollas in two different sizes. Dripping Springs will continue to make their flagship product, a 2-gallon Olla, that is perfect for raised beds, in-ground gardens and large planters. But now, they will also make a smaller 1-quart Olla designed specifically for smaller pots and container gardens.

Dripping Springs OllasNumber One Customer Request

Over the past year many of my customers have requested a smaller Olla. These are gardeners who have lots of potted plants on their patio, in their greenhouse or on their condo terrace. They want a smaller Olla for the same reasons that folks love the larger Olla. They want to water their plants less frequently.

The 1-quart Olla, which is shown in the photo at left, is about 9 1/2″ tall and 5 1/2″ at the widest point. It will fit in a variety of planters, and is ideal for pots that measure 22″ to 24″ in diameter. If you take a moment to look at the Olla, you’ll see that the shape has been designed to provide the most water storage while still leaving plenty of room in the pot for your plant’s roots.

I’ll be “installing” a few of the new Ollas in the hanging pots on my porch over the next week or so. So please stay tuned for an update. In the meantime, you can get all the details about buying 1-quart Ollas on the “Buy” page.

Happy Face

One final note: I’d love to hear your reaction to the 3D face on the 1-quart Olla. It’s kind of cute, but I’m wondering what my reaction will be when I have to bury the Olla in order to use it. Will the Olla keep smiling once it’s covered in dirt? I know that the plants will be smiling, because the Olla will be keeping the plants that surround it quite happy.  If you have an opinion, please write a comment below. Thanks!

Parking Strip Garden

Parking Strip Garden

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