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Ollas at the Mother Earth News Fair

Ollas at the Mother Earth News Fair

I will be at the Mother Earth News Fair in a few weeks, talking about Ollas (and selling them too!).

For those of you who don’t know about the Mother Earth News Fair…it’s an amazing garden/homesteading show where you can learn about sustainable practices for your home and garden. Whether you are interested in growing organic vegetables, making your own cheese or getting off the grid with solar power, you’ll find the experts and info you need at the Mother Earth News Fair.

Mother Earth News Fair Albany OregonPlug and Play Gardens (that’s me!) will be exhibiting at the Mother Earth News Show on June 4th and 5th. I’ll be in Booth #3305 and of course I’ll be showcasing Dripping Springs Ollas. But I’ll also be doing a presentation on Sunday explaining the benefits of using clay pot irrigation in your garden.

Speaking About Ollas

My presentation covers a bit about the history and science of Ollas…but really concentrates on the top 10 reasons to use Ollas in your garden. The best part is that I’ve been collecting photos and success stories from gardeners who have tried Ollas and love the results.

Here are the details about the lecture, I hope to see you in the audience:

Mother Earth News Fair in Albany, OR
Clay Pot Irrigation: Ollas in the Garden
Presented by Luisa Simone
Organic Gardening Stage
Sunday, June 5th at 2:30 pm

Ollas on Sale

Come on down to booth #3305 to say hi. And while you’re there, you can buy your Ollas at specially reduced prices. These prices are valid only on the show floor:

2-Gallon Ollas…great for raised beds and in-ground gardens.

  • 1-10 2-Gallon Ollas – $30 each
  • 10 or more 2-Gallon Ollas – $27 each

1-Quart Ollas…perfect for potted plants.

  • 1-10 1-Quart Ollas – $20 each
  • 10 or more 1-Quart Ollas – $18 each

Mason Bee Mystery

Mason Bee Mystery

Here’s an update on my mason bee mystery. If you read my first post about building a mason bee box, you know that my mason bee box has about a dozen nests that were clearly built by mason bees. Those nests are capped off with mud, and were all completed within mason bee season, which typically… Continue Reading

Mason Bees in My Garden

Mason Bees in My Garden

By now, if you’re a gardener, you’ve read about those industrious little orchard mason bees (Osmia lignaria). Native, wild bees—like the mason bee—don’t live in hives and they don’t make honey. They pretty much do only one thing, and they do it exceptionally well. They pollinate fruiting trees and plants. In fact, according to Crown… Continue Reading

Join Me at the Mother Earth News Fair

Join Me at the Mother Earth News Fair

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be displaying (and selling) Ollas at the Mother Earth News Fair in Albany, Oregon this coming weekend. That’s June 6th and 7th…just about an hour and a half south of Portland. For those of you who might not be familiar with the Mother Earth News Fair…it is the be-all… Continue Reading

College of Natural Medicine Proves that Food is Medicine

Founded in 1956, Portland’s College of Natural Medicine is the oldest school of naturopathic medicine in the United States. Recognizing that wellness can not be achieved without a healthy environment and wholesome food, the school is embarking on a 20-year plan to develop green space on its urban campus. The plans are very ambitious and… Continue Reading