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Beauty of the Rain

Beauty of the Rain

In case you haven’t heard, it’s been raining a lot here in the Pacific Northwest. And the proof of it lies with this beautiful shot of strawberry leaves in my garden. I noticed it the other morning, and I assumed that I was seeing an unusual configuration of dew drops. But I was wrong.

Guttation on Strawberry Leaves This symmetrical arrangement of water droplets is actually called guttation.Guttation is moisture that is emitted from within the plant. People often assume that guttation occurs because the plant has been over watered. But I can attest that I don’t overwater, because I use Ollas to irrigate my garden…and Ollas will only release water when the soil is dry.

Have I mentioned that we’ve gotten lots of rain lately? This phenomenon is due purely to the amount of water that has fallen from the sky. At first, I was alarmed that my poor plants were drowning. But I’ve since learned that guttation is a perfectly normal response on the part of a plant, and it isn’t harmful.

Lucky for me, it is beautiful. Happy rain day everybody!

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