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My Home Garden Berry Harvest

My Home Garden Berry Harvest

Just a quick little post today to share (in a totally virtual way of course) the harvest from my garden this summer. I’ve been planting edible berry-producing plants for the last  few years. My goal is to be able to harvest berries for as much of the year as possible. This photo represents a snapshot of my berry timeline.

  • Honeyberries which ripen in  late April to early May
  • Strawberries which were ripe in June this year
  • Gooseberries were also ready to eat in June (although sadly, the birds got to most of the fruit)
  • Blueberries are the July and August crop.


2 Responses to My Home Garden Berry Harvest

  1. alas, I think my blueberries will be tapped out by August this year–my early and mid season bushes are done and my late bush has already slowed production…