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Lush Garden without Watering

It’s been hot and dry here in Portland, Oregon. I mean really hot…in the 90’s. And really dry…meaning that I can’t remember when it last rained. So you might think I’ve been spending all of my time watering the garden. But you’d be wrong.

At the beginning of the garden season, I installed an Olla…a clay irrigation pot…in my raised vegetable bed. The raised vegetable bed measures 4′ x 4′, and I buried the Olla right in the middle of the bed. Ollas are designed to act as water reservoirs.

Lush garden without watering

Here’s a picture of my vegetable garden four days after I last filled the Olla. What you see are lush, healthy vegetables that have received slow, steady irrigation from the buried Olla. Other than harvesting green beans, zucchini and kale, I haven’t touched this bed or added one drop of water. Gotta love that!

If you’d like more information about using Ollas in your garden feel free to email me!



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