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Ollas Make Great Gifts

Ollas Make Great Gifts

The Holiday Season is upon us. And that means all of the normal activities for the season…parties with family and friends…maybe a few moments stolen from our hectic schedules to give thanks for the blessings in our lives…and of course, prayers for peace on earth. But the holidays are also a time for gift giving.  If you are searching for the perfect gift to give the gardener in your life…or even a gift for yourself (go on, you deserve it) …you should consider buying an Olla.

Don’t know what an Olla is? Don’t worry. It’s easy.

An Olla is a porous clay pot used to irrigate plants. Clay pot irrigation saves water, and saves work. Here in the Pacific Northwest an Olla will keep your plants watered for several days. For more information, you can visit our Top Ten Reasons (Really 12) to Use Ollas.

I’ve been using the 2-Gallon Dripping Springs Ollas for the past two years, and I can testify that they really work. I’m excited to tell you that Dripping Springs Ollas now come in two sizes. The largest Olla holds 2-gallons of water and is perfect for a raised beds, in-ground gardens and large planters. The new smaller Olla holds 1-quart of water, and is specifically designed to work with potted plants.

My Holiday Gift to You

In the spirit of the holidays I’ve decided to put all of the Ollas I have in inventory on sale. You can save 20% if you buy your Ollas between December 7th and December 11th.

The offer is valid only while supplies last, so please don’t wait until the last minute to do your Olla shopping.

Holiday Sale 20% Off ! December 7th – 11th

Here are the details:

DSO 2-Gallon OllaDripping Springs 2-Gallon Olla
Sale Price: $28*

(normally $34.95)
*Can not be combined with other discounts.

DSO 1-Quart OllaDripping Springs 1-Quart Olla
Sale Price: $19*

(normally $23.95)
*Can not be combined with other discounts.

Please contact me (that’s Luisa) if you have any questions.

New 1-Quart Ollas are Perfect for Potted Plants

New 1-Quart Ollas are Perfect for Potted Plants

Good news! Dripping Springs Ollas has just announced a brand new product. They will now be manufacturing Ollas in two different sizes. Dripping Springs will continue to make their flagship product, a 2-gallon Olla, that is perfect for raised beds, in-ground gardens and large planters. But now, they will also make a smaller 1-quart Olla designed… Continue Reading