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Parking Strip Garden

Parking Strip Garden

I’m so lucky to live in Portland, Oregon. Today, the reason for my gratitude are all the beautiful gardens in my neighborhood. It’s delightful to walk around SE Portland. Most days I stop at least once…even when I’m running errands…just to smell the roses. I mean that quite literally. On this particular walk, however, I stopped to admire a very particular piece of garden art.

Hummingbird SculptureThe most amazing part of this garden is that it is in the parking strip in front of someone’s home.  It’s a beautiful little space, filled with colorful blooms and the most amazing chainsaw sculpture. Now anyone familiar with the concept of chainsaw scultpures knows that they typically depict grizzlies and bald eagles. But this chainsaw sculpture is of the most delicate of creatures…the hummingbird.

I love how the artist has captured a hovering, nectar-sipping, tiny bird in this rough hewn piece of wood. I took this second photo of the sculpture because from this angle the lighting better and you can see that the garden…and the artwork..sit right along the curb of a residential street.

I don’t know anything more about this sculpture or the artist. But I do know one thing about the homeowner. He or she must be a very generous person to share this with passersby!