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Flowers for Breakfast

Gathering flowers for breakfast.Like most people with a veggie garden, I have zucchini growing in the backyard right now. Unlike most people, I eat the flowers as well as the fruits…yes, for those of you who don’t know….zucchini is a fruit.

I grew up eating zucchini blossoms. My Mom would stuff them with a tiny bit of seasoned ricotta, dip them in a simple batter and fry them. They’re delicate and delicious, and a lot of work. So these days…being the lazy cook that I am…I just clean them and make a breakfast frittata with them.

Today, I collected a few other flowers from the garden as well, including garlic chives with their buds and arugula blossoms for a really tasty and beautiful breakfast.

Flowers for BreakfastThere really isn’t a recipe. Make sure that you check the flowers for bees and remove the stamens. Then beat some eggs and add the clean, chopped flowers to the bowl. I used four eggs for this batch of flowers, which served two people for breakfast. I like to saute the garlic chives first (it mellows the flavor).

Frying Garlic ChivesThere’s is one trick I will share with you. If at all possible, use a cast iron frying pan. Once it’s seasoned properly it’s better than any non-stick pan.